Using advanced digital technology to support dispute management and resolution is fundamental to providing modern access to justice, especially at the international level. Resolution2Resolve understands that digital dispute resolution reduces the time it takes to resolve disputes. It is highly effective and cost-efficient as well as very safe and secure. Digital dispute resolution provides a high degree of party satisfaction. 

Our experience with digital dispute resolution reaches all the way back to the early 2000’s.

Today, we use Modron Spaces to manage, prepare, conduct, facilitate and resolve disputes. And we share the platform with our clients as well as experts who use it to conduct online mediations and arbitrations.

Why Modron Spaces?

Modron Spaces is the world-leading online dispute resolution platform with more than 1 million monthly users. It is the first choice because it:

  • is simple to use;
  • is extremely powerful in its application; and
  • can flexibly adapt to any, even the most complex multi-party dispute.

Moreover, Modron Spaces is secure, using state-of-the-art encryption. All streams and conversations as well as all audio, video and text files are protected, whether they are in transit or stored. The platform complies with current AES and GDPR standards and ensures full confidentiality.

Do you want to have a look? Then contact us and we can discuss setting up a test space for you.