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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is conflict and dispute management important?

Conflicts and disputes are very common and often be the result of poor communication; misunderstandings; power disparities as well as differences in opinion, interest, and preference.

While not every conflict and dispute impacts us, some can become disruptive, consuming, expensive. They can destroy relationships, careers, businesses.

Their proper management can avoid or substantially lessen the impact conflicts and disputes can have. Especially the early detection of the potential for conflicts and disputes can have a very positive impact.

Do I need conflict and dispute management?

Established businesses, startups, non-governmental and international organisations, governments as well as individuals, all begin each day with the potential for conflict and dispute that can escalate, become costly, time-consuming, and disruptive.

Proper strategies to manage conflicts and disputes, from their early detection right through to when they require third-party intervention, are paramount. Only properly managed conflicts and disputes present real opportunities.


What opportunities come from conflict and dispute?

This is very situational and depends on the circumstances as well as on the type of conflict and dispute. Each conflict and dispute offers its own opportunities.

These opportunities range from raising the awareness that specific conflicts and disputes can arise to expanding and optimising internal processes that aim at detecting conflicts and disputes early.

Opportunities may also be found in resolving conflict and dispute through negotiation and mediation, especially when these are conducted with an open mind. 

How does Resolution2Resolve work?

Resolution2Resolve can assist before conflicts and disputes arise, when they loom or threaten, as well as when they are already concrete.

We can provide guidance on how to avoid conflict and disputes even before they arise and develops workflows, approaches, and strategies aimed at achieving sustainable avoidance. To this end, Resolution2Resolve:

  • conducts detailed analyses of operations, workflows, circumstances, relationships, etc.;
  • assesses conflict and dispute risk awareness;
  • develops conflict and dispute resolution risk models; and
  • conducts specialised training on risk awareness and assessment.

Resolution2Resolve also assists with managing potential and concrete conflicts and disputes. Because every conflict and dispute is unique, Resolution2Resolve:

  • analyses each situation and all relevant circumstances;
  • assesses the type of conflict and dispute and ascertains how advanced and entrenched they are;
  • guides strategic decisions aimed at minimising the impact the conflict or dispute may have; and
  • highlights what opportunities they may generate.

Key to the success of Resolution2Resolve is our deep understanding of conflicts and disputes, and our collaborative, rigorous approach that has only one objective:

To turn our Clients conflicts and disputes into real opportunities.

Do you have more questions?

We know that it is difficult to capture the complexity of conflict and dispute resolution management in a few words.

The task is made even more difficult due to the unique nature of each conflict, making guidance and advice situational and dependant on its circumstances. 

Thus, if you have more questions, or even a concrete potential or current conflict or dispute, then contact us and make an appointment.

We love to hear from you and turn your conflict and dispute into an opportunity!

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