About Resolution2Resolve

Conflict and Dispute Management You Can Trust

Trust Worthy

A positive, constructive approach to conflict and dispute. Transparency, clarity and honesty to deepen confidence. Absolute confidentiality in all aspects of service provision. 


20 years of experience advising on cross-border conflicts and resolving international disputes, working for law firms, businesses, governments and international organisations.


The efficient identification of the client’s need. Effective and clear communication. Delivery of services as promised and with a smile. That is the backbone of Resolution2Resolve.

Who We Are

We are Conflict and Dispute Management Experts

Dealing with conflicts and disputes can be disruptive, consuming, expensive.

The experts of Resolution2Resolve can support Clients in dealing with conflict and dispute, especially in international settings.

We have a risk-based approach, offering bespoke expert conflict identification and analysis, conflict and dispute management and conflict coaching services.

Resolution2Resolve helps Clients to transform conflict into success.

Years of Experience

We use our deep understanding of confllicts and disputes to advise Clients on how to avoid, minimise and manage them.


We operate internationally to advise on cross-border conflict and dispute avoidance, minimisation and resolution needs.


Dealing with conflicts and disputes at the earliest possible moment and turning them into real opportunities.

Our logo

Many clients have asked us about the meaning of the logo. Here is (one) explanation.

The circle stands for conflict and dispute. It encircles, it limits. It is perpetual, not ending.

From the conflict and disputes, two hands reach out towards each other.

This breaks the circle. This directs the focus towards finding a common solution.

The inner point marks that solution. It is the opportunity arising out of conflict and dispute.

Our experts

Thomas John MCIArb

Thomas John MCIArb


The management and resolution of conflicts and disputes are in my DNA.

I have gathered more than 20 years of experience in managing and resolving conflicts and disputes working in private practice, in the private sector, for governments, and for international organisations.

Now, drawing on my civil and common law background as well as on my experience as a certified mediator, negotiator, and arbitrator, I am proud to share with Clients my deep understanding of conflicts and disputes — and how to avoid, minimise, manage, and resolve them.

I am also happy to share my extensive policy and law-making experience with governments, with a view to developing new, or optimising existing, conflict and dispute resolution frameworks that make a real difference to people.

I practice in English and German equally and am known for my strong professional skills, my work ethics and my client focus. 

My experience and skills are widely recognised as a university lecturer, author, and sought-after presenter.

I hold German and Australian citizenship.