Turn Disputes into Success


A positive, constructive approach to conflict and dispute. Transparency, clarity and honesty to deepen confidence. Absolute confidentiality in all aspects of service provision.


20 years of experience advising on cross-border conflicts and resolving international disputes, working for law firms, businesses, governments and international organisations.


The efficient identification of the client’s needs. Effective and clear communication. Delivery of services as promised and with a smile. That is our backbone.

Our Philosophie

Every Dispute is Opportunity

We experience and deal with conflicts and disputes every day. They can be the result of poor communication. They can be based on misunderstandings and power disparities. They can be caused by differences in opinion, interest and preference.

Most disputes do not impact us. We ignore them. We move on. But some escalate. They become disruptive, consuming, expensive. They can destroy relationships, careers, businesses.

The bespoke services of Resolution2Resolve transform and enable businesses, governments, institutions and individuals to detect, analyse, avoid and manage the risks arising from conflict and resolve disputes using appropriate dispute mechanism based on consensus. 

Turn disputes into success. Because every dispute is opportunity.

What we Do


Dispute Detection and Analysis

Resolution2Resolution evaluates operations, relationships, workflows, and workplaces to identify and analyse any risks for conflict and dispute at the earliest possible stage.

Dispute Management

Resolution2Resolve uses risk analysis to develop conflict and dispute mitigation options, but also to establish and implement concrete, sound and sustainable conflict avoidance, mitigation and management strategies.

Dispute Coaching and Training

Resolution2Resolve trains, one-to-one or in small groups, risk awareness and the skills to handle conflicts and disputes. Tailored training sessions promote a thoughtful and positive mindset and attitude towards conflict and dispute.

Dispute Aftercare

Resolution2Resolve provides conflict and dispute aftercare and helps to develop and implement change based on a “lessons learned” approach. 

Dispute Boards

Resolution2Resolve provides experts who are appointed to projects well before conflicts and disputes arise. These neutral third parties accompany the life of projects. They know the projects, the parties and their relationships intimately well and manage and resolve any conflicts and disputes early, effectively, cost-efficiently and fairly. 

Policy and Legislation

Resolution2Resolve specialises in assisting governments to develop or update their dispute resolution frameworks, providing policy development and legislative drafting services.

Who WE Service



Resolution2Resolve advises small, medium and large businesses on managing conflicts and disputes, saving time and money and preserving business reputation.


Resolution2Resolve understands the unique environment in which StartUps operate and helps them to understand and manage the risks that conflict and dispute pose.

Non-Government Organisations

Resolution2Resolve acquaints NGOs with the risks posed by internal and external conflicts and disputes and advises on managing them effectively and sustainably.   

International Organisations

Resolution2Resolve helps international organisations to develop a positive conflict and dispute management culture with respect to staff as well as contractors and consultants that work for the organisations. 


Resolution2Resolve advises governments on effective and efficient conflict and dispute management policies and frameworks, based on international best practice, as well as their implementation.


Resolution2Resolve also helps individuals to minimise the impact of conflicts and disputes on their lives and relationships, finding workable solutions to let people get on with their life. For more, see here.

You are one of a kind

Each Client, each circumstance, each potential for conflict and each dispute is different and very specific.

We do not offer a “one size fits all” approach or solution to turn disputes into success. Our services are bespoke and tailored to the specific needs of our Clients.

Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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